Italian genealogy by Stefania Fangarezzi

professional genealogist

On genealogy

Our curiosity to know our past through our ancestors’ lives Our need to answer the fundamental questions: “Who am I? Where am I from?”

The recounting of stories heard from our grandparents that told the stories their grandparents told them when they were children and sat on their knees.

The records of the lives of ancestral families in country villages, a forgotten past that now is more and more important.

Seeing and holding copies of these family records is exhilarating and reminds us of our need to deeply understand ourselves.

Genealogy wants to fulfil these needs, wants to give a “living picture” of the past by means of scientific research, studying the march of generations through the centuries... starting with us, with our memories, to discover information that only a scientific approach can reach.

The presence of a family in a community was almost always connected with work and with property, or possession of the land.

Taxes assessments and the recording of payments are a means of following successive generations and are an important source of documents.

These documents, correctly understood, help the genealogist to discover the history of a family, its transformations and changes in times and places.

Stefania Fangarezzi performs:

  • Family researches
  • Genealogical tree reconstruction
    • full reconstruction (to XVI century)
    • partial reconstruction (XVIII-XIX century)
  • Documents research (certificates)
  • Notary acts, property and legacy research

In order to build the genealogical tree of your family and provide you with all the information relating to your ancestors.

In this regard, I invite you to read the page of works for customers and following, for an examination of the working methodology.

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