Italian genealogy by Stefania Fangarezzi

professional genealogist

How to become a genealogist

What is it about

Let's say right away that genealogy is a science that deals with researching ancient sources, often very ancient. Which can be very satisfying but also frustrating when research does not seem to lead to the desired results.

And who can become a genealogist? The answer is anyone, but obviously you need to have a certain background, due to a certain course of study and apprenticeship.

So I can't do DIY research , isn't that recommended? If you want to pursue the profession of genealogist, you need to know what he does and what studies you need to undertake.

Do-it-yourself genealogy is fine for yourself, if you know the sources, but for business it is definitely not advisable.

Studies: what and how much to study

On what goes without saying that we can never stop; keeping up to date is essential in this sector, as well as in any other sector of knowledge.

How can I hone my qualities

Attend conferences, there are many every year, local and national conferences, just a search on the web search engines.

You can even find video recordings of past conferences online, listen to them so you will get an idea of what we are talking about.

Follow what is said, and if literary sources are cited, almost always, look up and study them.

Enter the state archives to search for ancient documents, perhaps for a research on your ancestors, and begin to see what kind of documents you will have to deal with for work.


If you are interested in continuing to search for your personal family history, you can contact me directly or through the italian telephone number +39 347 29 30 754 or with the contact page from where you can easily send an email to my email address.

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