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How a family tree is born

After establishing the terms of work with the client during preliminary and subsequent contacts, a method follows that I use to carry out my work as a genealogist.

Anyone has the right to the protection of personal data concerning him.

The quote is reported in article 1 of the Italian law 196/2003 the so-called "legge sulla privacy".

Many people have asked me what happens to the data I collect during my research; it being understood that the formal documents remain where they are, or in the various archives that I consult, the work is based on the research and subsequent copying of said documents (photocopy or photographic) and these are the only data that remain in my possession until the end of the research and subsequent cataloging.

At the end of the work, these documents are destroyed or delivered at the request of the customer, or as in the case of the works cited below, at the request of the published customer, nothing remains in my hands to safeguard your privacy and that of others.

At the beginning of each of my work I have the client sign a release in which I formally request access to the consultation for the client to the archives or a proxy in plain paper and the way that I will have to use to process the data in my possession. These acts form an integral part of the contract stipulated at the time of the assignment by the client.

The sources

One of the first things to do is a research that will lead us to the reading of ancient acts of the municipality or the parish.

An important and consistent phase of my work is the journey, that is, I will have to go where the documents reside and therefore I will be forced to travel to find all the documents concerning the research to be completed.

The following images refer to some of the phases of my work. These images are published with the consent of the owners.

Birth certificates of the town of Ripoli, example.

Birth certificates of the town of Ripoli, Tuscany

One of the first things to do is a research that will lead us to the reading of ancient acts of the municipality or the parish.

States of the souls of the parish of Carraja, example.

States of the souls of the parish of Carraja, Tuscany

The book of the States of the souls of the Parish of Carraja.

Peoples and neighboring roads TOMO 121, example.

Ancient topographic map

At other times the search also takes place for ancient toponyms.

Brisature, crest

Then there is the possibility that the family has its own coat of arms, so it will be necessary to understand through the brisature table how it is composed.

Brisature, example.

Brisature, example

Parenti family crest.


Below the coat of arms of the Parenti family.

Family book

Once all the information has been collected, the personal and genealogical research carried out, a detailed report written on the basis of the notes taken, proceeds with the drafting of the Family Book. First of all it will be necessary to choose on the basis of the agreements made with the customer which form it will take.

Martinelli family book.

Family Book

The one on the left is the most elegant shape, with a leather cover, embossed and with hot stamped characters in pure gold.

Family book, elegant version, interior detail.

Family Book

Inside the pages will contain the fruit of research and an elegant Genealogical Tree.

Family book, elegant version, interior detail of the family tree.

Family Book

Book in an elegant version, detail of the interior of the family tree.

Family book, light version.

Family Book

Obviously you can also have a less flashy shape called light, with a cardboard cover.

Family book, light version, particular.

Family Book

Cardboard cover, detail.

All the images of my works are owned by the author and the family to which the work refers. I have the permission of the families mentioned to publish them, any copyright infringement will be prosecuted under the law.

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